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DLP Token (Klaytn)

Decentralized Liquidity Program

Decentralized Liquidity Program(DLP) is a sub-project of XPChain for the continuous growth of XPChain project. All funds raised through DLP token are used for liquidity supply and fund management. The funds shall not be used for the operation of the foundation or for the wages of executives and employees, and there is no DLP token allocated to the foundation or its employees. Foundation and company operating DLP tokens and all funds receive only revenue from fund management. The funds raised through DLP are used to supply liquidity using its own liquidity operation bot for excellent blockchain projects, including XPC, and are used for quant programs (arbitrage, and so on). The generated revenue is transparently disclosed, and distributed to DLP token holders, foundations, and partners, and some of the revenue is used for XPC and DLP token buybacks.

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