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What is XPChain?

XPChain(eXPerience Chain) is an open-source project aimed at a society where individual experiences, thoughts, and ideas are shared and realized based on XPC, a cryptocurrency. First of all, XPC project has a belief that individuals should "have fun" when using cryptocurrency. In addition, the ultimate goal is that individual experiences, thoughts, and ideas are produced and consumed through XPC and further lead to individual life assets.

XPChain Blockchain

Consensus Algorithm : ABPoS

XPC adopted a proof-of-stake(PoS) method based on Bitcoin 0.17.0 that basically supports SegWit functionality, and uses a unique consensus algorithm called age burnable PoS(ABPoS) by improving the existing method of proof-of stake. It was created as an airdrop in XP (Experience Points). XPC gives greater value to community-focused real-world implementations than to improve the performance of the blockchain itself. This allows us to focus on developing features and services that will benefit users.

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